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. Xu Guo

Xu Guo

CSE Service Desk lead
[ CSE , eCSE ]

Xu is the function lead for ARCHER2 CSE Service Desk. She is also a member of the ARCHER2 eCSE team, a Technical Assessment reviewer and a course helper

M Catherine Inglis

Catherine Inglis

Programme Manager
[ Servicedesk , User Admin , eCSE , Quality & Feedback ]

Member of the ARCHER2 Service Desk and User Administration team, dealing with user support. Also part of the team who manage the eCSE programme, as well as the feedback, impact and benefits realisation team. She has an unconventional background among EPCC staff, having a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages.”

Dr Chris Johnson

Dr Chris Johnson

eCSE function lead
[ CSE , eCSE , User Admin ]

Chris is the function lead for the ARCHER2 eCSE programme. He is also a Technical Assessment reviewer.

Dr Lorna Smith

Dr Lorna Smith

Deputy Director for the CSE service. Web and Documentation function lead. Outreach function lead
[ CSE , eCSE , Outreach , Web & Docs , Quality & Feedback , Coordination ]

As the CSE Service deputy director, I tend to be involved in most aspects of the service delivery. However I have a particular role within the eCSE programme, around documentation, outreach and understanding and monitoring emissions as we look towards Net Zero services. Out with work you can find me in my garden or enjoying the chaos of being a Beaver Scout leader.