We always welcome user feedback on all aspects of the ARCHER2 service, both positive and negative. We use feedback provided to improve the services we deliver. We have set ourselves targets on user feedback and report on it at our quarterly service review meetings with UKRI. You can find service reports including user feedback on the service reports page of the ARCHER2 website.

User feedback is logged in the SAFE and assigned to the relevant staff member to work on. Where appropriate users submitting feedback will be contacted to discuss it further.

We provide a range of routes to provide feedback including:

Support Query Feedback

Upon resolution of user queries submitted to the service desk, feedback can be provided on how satisfactorily the query was handled using the link in the query closure email.

Through the SAFE

Feedback can be provided on all aspects of the ARCHER2 service when logged into the SAFE. Feedback is categorised by different aspects of the service with an additional option for other items not otherwise covered. Please provide details in your feedback to ensure that we continue to provide service elements that you like and identify elements requiring improvement.

Via the Service Desk

Feedback can be emailed to the service desk using the support email address.

Annual ARCHER2 User Survey

All ARCHER2 users will be encouraged to submit a response to the annual user survey giving feedback on all aspects of the service. The user survey is typically sent out in the Spring following the year to be covered. The report written using the results of the user survey can be seen on the service reports page of the ARCHER2 website.


All feedback provided using the routes listed above is scored from 1 – 5 with 1 being the worst and 5 the best. Any feedback scored as a 1 will be treated as a complaint. All complaints will be assigned to the appropriate service staff member to resolve and details copied to the Service Director. You will be contacted to discuss your complaint further and to identify steps needing to be taken to improve things.


If you do not feel that your feedback has been satisfactorily addressed, please let us know by sending an email to either the Service Director, Alan Simpson or to his deputy Lorna Smith.