A timetable of recent, current and upcoming calls can be found here.

The 3rd ARCHER2 eCSE call

Given the current situation many are facing right now with schools closed and further restrictions in place, we have taken a decision to extend the deadlines for the current eCSE call (ARCHER2 eCSE03) by 4 weeks. We are aware that the recent changes in restrictions will affect different people in different ways. The ARCHER2 Service is committed to equality, diversity, inclusion and accessibility and we believe that giving this extension will allow as many people to participate in the call as possible.

The 3rd ARCHER2 eCSE call (ARCHER2 eCSE03) opened on the 8 Dec 2020. The deadline for submitting documents for technical evaluations is 16:00 on 23 Feb 2021, with the final deadline for proposal submission being 16:00 on 16 Mar 2021.

Please note that applying for an eCSE project under ARCHER2 is a 2-stage submission where technical evaluation documents must be submitted for evaluation by the first deadline above in advance of the final submission. Any project members (PI, Co-I and technical staff) must have been invited by the proposal owner to join a project and have accepted the invitation in time for the final submission. Proposals cannot be submitted without technical staff.

Please follow the links here for the guidance for submitting a proposal to this call, along with the technical evaluation form and the project proposal template. Each call has its own guidance document and associated forms. Please ensure that the correct guidance and forms are used for this call.

If your eCSE proposal is selected for funding, you will be provided with an award letter and will be asked to agree to the eCSE Terms. Please view the Terms here in advance of submitting your eCSE proposal. Please get in touch via the ARCHER2 service desk if you have any questions about this.

Scope of eCSE call

Through a series of regular calls, Embedded CSE (eCSE) support provides funding to the ARCHER2 user community to develop software in a sustainable manner, to run on the ARCHER2 system.

Funding will enable the employment of a Research Software Engineer (RSE) to work specifically on the relevant software to enable new features or improve the performance of the code. Examples of this could be

Funding will be prioritised for projects which can evidence how they complement, support and enable research in the existing EPSRC or NERC portfolios and the strategic aims of the councils.

Note that projects to develop software on the GPU hardware component of ARCHER2 are not within the remit of this call.

Funding and eligibility

Funding is provided for software which results in research which is within the remit of EPSRC or NERC. Funding can be requested for staff located at the institution of the PI, third parties, or can include staff from the centralised CSE support team or a mixture of the above. Funding can be requested for between 3 and 12 person months in total. Staff employed on an eCSE project are expected to play a full part in ARCHER2 related activities.

Reasonable travel will be funded for travel within the UK to meetings with other project partners.

When submitting your proposal, all costs must be included in your submission. Please ensure your budget is accurate and inclusive of all costs before submission and that you provide a costing breakdown. Please see the guidance document for details of allowable costs and associated documents.

Computing Resources

Successful projects will be given an allocation of resources on ARCHER2 when it becomes available. The size of this allocation will be determined when the system itself becomes available.


Regular training will be provided via the CSE team. Details of upcoming training course can be found here.

Application and Review Process

Information and guidelines on how to apply for eCSE funding can be found here. Proposals undergo a two-stage process. A technical evaluation is performed first with completed forms being passed back to applicants in time for including in the final submission. After final submission, all proposal documents, including the completed technical evaluation forms, will then be passed to the review panel who will make decisions on ranking and any award of funding.

The eCSE applications should be submitted via SAFE. The eCSE technical evaluation form can be found here and the proposal template can be found here.

The eCSE team presented a webinar giving an overview of the eCSE scheme and application process, including a walk-through of completing the application form. Full details and video of this presentation are available here.

Reports and eCSE staff requirements

A detailed technical report is required at the end of the project. A template is provided for the report will be made available on the ARCHER2 website. Upon conclusion of the project, in addition to the detailed technical section, a section aimed at the non-specialist is required explaining the aims and successes of the project together with the scientific and any other impacts of the work. PIs and/or project technical staff are expected to give a least one webinar of the work achieved.

Intellectual Property

IPR will belong to the project, although the expectation is that any EPSRC-funded code development will be made available to the wider community via a new release of the software.

Acknowledging ARCHER2

You should use the following phrase to acknowledge ARCHER2 in all research outputs that have used the facility and the eCSE Programme:

This work was funded under the embedded CSE programme of the ARCHER2 UK National Supercomputing Service (http://www.archer2.ac.uk).

You should also tag outputs with the keyword ARCHER2 whenever possible.


The ARCHER2 CSE team can be contacted via the ARCHER2 service desk support@archer2.ac.uk.