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Getting Access

The ARCHER2 Service is a world-class advanced computing resource for UK researchers. For such researchers, there are specific allocation mechanisms for requesting ARCHER2 time via the ARCHER2 partner research councils EPSRC and NERC as detailed below. For researchers in other areas, please get in touch with your research council if you would like to use ARCHER2.

The ARCHER2 User Support Team are available to offer advice and assistance to any prospective users and can offer guidance as to what is the best route of access ( or further contact details can be found here. You may also request assistance in completing an application via this same route.

Open ARCHER2 Calls

A list of any currently open calls through which you can apply for access to ARCHER2. Details of the specific requirements for these calls (for example, what is a TA) are provided below.

Call (Web Link) Closing Date TA Receipt Deadline Notes TA Form Link
Pump-priming Not yet available EPSRC remit only. Details to follow
Pioneer Projects 12 October 2020 (4pm) 7 September 2020 (4pm) EPSRC Call Details. EPSRC remit only.
ARCHER2 computing resource for a maximum duration of two years.
TA Form
Access to HPC 4 September 2020 (4pm) 7 August 2020 (4pm) EPSRC Call Details. EPSRC remit only.
ARCHER2 or Tier-2 computing resource for a maximum duration of one year.
TA Form
TOPUP 25 September 2020 (4pm) 11 September 2020 (4pm) HPC TOPUP Process. Application Form. EPSRC remit only. Only for users with an existing ARCHER allocation who require additional resource. TA Form
Access to ARCHER/ARCHER2 for Covid19 research Open now Details

Getting Access, more details

There are a variety of specialised routes through which researchers can access EPSRC HPC services. EPSRC recommend applicants familiarise themselves with these routes to ensure they apply to the most appropriate one for their project. If you have any questions on the below you can direct them to


EPSRC remit researchers can request a small amount of resource awarded through a light-touch process in order to try, test and scale their code on ARCHER2. This is the successor scheme to ARCHER instant access.

Pioneer Projects

EPSRC remit researchers can apply for large amounts of ARCHER2 compute for ambitious, computationally intensive simulations and calculations in support of an individual project through EPSRC’s ARCHER2 Pioneer Projects call. Projects can be up to 2 years in length. This is the successor scheme to the ARCHER Leadership Calls.

Access to HPC

Provides an open and relatively flexible route to computational support for projects in EPSRC remit. You can access to EPSRC’s HPC systems (both ARCHER2 and most of the Tier-2 services). Projects can be up to 1 year in length. This new call combines what was previously the ARCHER RAP (Resource Allocation Panel) and the Tier-2 Open Access call.


Only for existing EPSRC grant holders with an ARCHER allocation. Provides additional resource for users who already have an allocation from an EPSRC grant, but need more to complete the objectives of their grant. Allocation will begin when ARCHER2 begins its business-as-usual phase. Successor to the ARCHER TOPUP process.

Other routes to access HPC


Researchers in all Council remits can request computational time to support their work as part of their full grant applications.

High End Computing (HEC) Consortia

If a researcher’s work is within remit of one of the HEC Consortia, formed around research communities with substantial and continuous computational needs, then they can apply for ARCHER2 time by joining the relevant consortium.

Access for NERC Remit

Details for access routes for NERC Remit researchers will be available soon.

Driving test

A small allocation for new ARCHER2 users to get them started using the Tier-1 service. This scheme will be launched after the service has commenced operation and further details will be provided on the Training Driving Test page.

Onboarding Data Migration