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UKRI (EPSRC and NERC) fund a number of large consortia that bring together researchers working in a particular domain. These consortia have large allocations of time on ARCHER2 that they can distribute out to their members.

These pages provide information on the consortia funded on ARCHER2, including details of how to contact them and information on the scientific area they cover.

EPSRC High End Computing (HEC) Consortia

Name Consortium Leader CSE Consortium Contact ARCHER2 Project ID
UK Turbulence Consortium (UKTC) Prof. Sylvain Lazait (Imperial College) William Lucas e01
Materials Chemistry Consortium (MCC) Prof. Scott Woodley (UCL) Holly Judge e05
UK Car-Parrinello Consortium (UKCP) Prof. Matt Probert (University of York) Andy Turner e89
HEC Biomolecular Simulation Consortium (HECBioSim) Prof. Syma Khalid (University of Southampton) Julien Sindt e280
Plasma HEC Consortium Prof. Tony Arber (University of Warwick) Kevin Stratford e281
UK Consortium on Mesoscale Engineering Science (UKCOMES) Prof. Kai Luo (UCL) Julien Sindt e283
UK Consortium on Turbulent Reacting Flows (UKCTRF) Prof. Nilanjan Chakrobarty (University of Newcastle) William Lucas e305
UK Atomic, Molecular and Optical physics R-matrix consortium (UK AMOR) Prof. Jonathon Tennyson (UCL) Caoimhin Laoide-Kemp e585

NERC Consortia

Name Consortium Leader CSE Consortium Contact ARCHER2 Project ID
National Oceanography Centre (NOC) Dr. Andrew Coward (University of Southampton) Michael Bareford n01
National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) Dr. Grenville Lister (University of Reading) Michael Bareford n02
Mineral Physics Consortium Prof. John Brodholt (UCL) Andy Turner n03