This page helps you to calculate the values you need to fill in the ARCHER2 Technical Assessment Form.

To use the calculator fill in the values in the input section and the remaining entries will be calculated automatically. You do not need to fill in all the fields if you are not interested in that section.

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Input section

Select funding body:

Largest Job Typical Job Smallest Job
Number of nodes
Wallclock time for each job (hours)
Number of jobs of this type

Job Data

The information in this table can be used to help fill in the table in Section 1, Part 4 of the ARCHER2 Technical Assessment form. (You will also need some data from the fields you have filled in above.)

Largest Job Typical Job Smallest Job
Total memory required (per job)
Total time for these jobs (hours)

Additional Job Data

The information in this table is not needed for the ARCHER2 Technical Assessment form but may be useful.

CUs (per job)
Notional cost (per job) (£)


This is information on the total CUs and notional cost of the current job specification. It is useful for filling out Section 1, Part 4 of the ARCHER Technical Assessment Form and also for the cost associated with ARCHER use in the Je-S submission system.

Total 'Computing Resource (CU)' for these jobs = (rounded to whole CU)

Total 'Notional Costs' for these jobs = £

CU Rates and Costs


Cores Per Node CUs/Node Hour
128 1.0

1 ARCHER2 CU = 1 Node hour = 128 Core hours (CPUh)

Costs per CU for Partner Research Councils

Cost/CU (£)

Costs per CU for other Research Councils

Cost/CU (£)

Hardware Layout


Nodes Cores Per Node Memory Per Node (GiB) Max Nodes Per Job Max Job Time (hours)
5848 128 256 5848 48