With over twenty years in the High Performance Computing (HPC) sector, EPCC as part of the ARCHER2 team are committed to bringing the world of HPC to all industrial and commercial sectors. With a range of initiatives, members of our team can work with commercial partners to help overcome any barriers they may have using HPC.

We have a long history of working alongside academia, industrial and commercial partners on world leading HPC. Our research collaborations can take many forms and are funded through a variety of mechanisms that include the UK Research Councils, Scottish Enterprise and European Commission.

We have worked across a varied range of sectors including aeronautical, engineering, manufacturing, astronomy, retail, finance, medical, agricultural, oil and gas.

There are variety of methods for commercial organisations to gain access to ARCHER2, whether as part of a research collaboration or working within a larger established consortia or even asking for assistance on a consultancy basis.

If you wish to make use of ARCHER2 then please get in touch and we can then direct your interest appropriately.