eCSE Programme Overview

Through a series of regular calls, Embedded CSE (eCSE) support provides funding to the ARCHER2 user community to develop software in a sustainable manner, to run on the ARCHER2 system, or to prepare for a future Exascale successor. Projects targeting a future GPU platform are welcome, as are projects looking at any aspect of preparing the ARCHER2 software stack for Exascale. Note projects that only target improvements for existing platforms (other than ARCHER2), rather than preparing for future Exascale systems, are not in scope.

The funding allows the employment of a Research Software Engineer (RSE) to carry out software development of ARCHER2 software, or work targeting a future Exascale successor. This development work may include but is not limited to the implementation of algorithmic improvements, improvements to scalability, portability, sustainability or maintainability, or may include the addition of new functionality to a code which in turn will allow new science to be carried out. For work targeting future Exascale systems, this may include but is not limited to GPU development, improvements to the resiliency of the code, or improvements to parallelisation or I/O likely to be required at Exascale.

The RSE may be based at the institution of the PI, at a third party institution, or can include staff from the centralised CSE support team, or the project may use a mixture of the above.

Upcoming eCSE Calls

eCSE call Opening date Technical evaluation deadline Final proposal deadline
1st: ARCHER2 eCSE0119 May 202016:00 on 16 Jun 202016:00 on 7 Jul 2020
2nd: ARCHER2 eCSE028 Sep 202016:00 on 6 Oct 202016:00 on 27 Oct 2020
3rd: ARCHER2 eCSE038 Dec 202016:00 on 23 Feb 202116:00 on 16 Mar 2021
4th: ARCHER2 eCSE0420 Apr 202116:00 on 18 May 202116:00 on 8 Jun 2021
5th: ARCHER2 eCSE057 Sep 202116:00 on 5 Oct 202116:00 on 26 Oct 2021
6th: ARCHER2 eCSE067 Dec 202116:00 on 22 Feb 202216:00 on 15 Mar 2022
7th: ARCHER2 eCSE0719 Apr 202216:00 on 24 May 202216:00 on 14 Jun 2022
8th: ARCHER2 eCSE086 Sep 202216:00 on 4 Oct 202216:00 on 25 Oct 2022
9th: ARCHER2 eCSE096 Dec 202216:00 on 21 Feb 202316:00 on 14 Mar 2023
10th: ARCHER2 eCSE1018 Apr 202316:00 on 23 May 202316:00 on 13 Jun 2023
11th: ARCHER2 eCSE1112 Sep 202316:00 on 10 Oct 202316:00 on 31 Oct 2023
12th: ARCHER2 eCSE125 Dec 202316:00 on 20 Feb 202416:00 on 12 Mar 2024

Current Call Information

The 11th ARCHER2 eCSE call (ARCHER2 eCSE11) opened on the 12 Sep 2023. The deadline for submitting documents for technical evaluations is 16:00 on 10 Oct 2023, and the final deadline for proposal submission is 16:00 on 31 Oct 2023. The early career eCSE Panel Observers opened alongside the eCSE call and the deadline for applications for this call is 16:00 on 10 Oct 2023.

Further details on the eCSE Calls page.

Previous eCSE Projects

The list of all previous eCSE projects funded under the ARCHER2 service can be found on the eCSE Panels page.

Older projects funded under the ARCHER service