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  • ARCHER2 Image and Video Competition 2020 Results
    25 Nov 2020

    ARCHER Image and Video Competition 2020 : Results

  • External audits and cake in a time of plague
    19 Nov 2020

    With ARCHER2 part arrived and in early access, and with all the preparation to move from ARCHER to ARCHER2, with staff working remotely from home and all the other work ongoing, why on earth were we preparing for our annual ISO external audit and how could we make it work?

  • Testing GROMACS on ARCHER2 4-cab
    27 Oct 2020

    One of the upsides of working on the ARCHER2 CSE team is that, sometimes, one finds oneself in the interesting position of being the only user on the ARCHER2 four-cabinet system (at least the only apparent user – I’m sure that AdrianJ is lurking on one of the compute nodes somewhere). For context, the ARCHER2 four-cabinet system is roughly equivalent in core-count to the whole of ARCHER, making the ARCHER2 four-cabinet system at least the equal of ARCHER (given the newer CPUs, it’s probably actually a bit more powerful). So what should one do when they have sole and total access to a Tier1 HPC facility, without other users (except AdrianJ – he’s out there somewhere… he always is…) and with a fully empty queue?

  • ARCHER2 eCSE update
    23 Sep 2020

    The ARCHER2 eCSE (embedded CSE) programme provides funding for software development effort for codes that will run on ARCHER2. This first call under ARCHER, the first of a regular series of ARCHER2 eCSE calls, opened back in May and closed in early July.

  • ARCHER2 Image and Video Competition 2020
    03 Sep 2020

    Share your images and videos to support excellence and promote the contribution of ARCHER and ARCHER2 to outstanding research. The winner of the competition will be awarded £250.

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ARCHER2 is the UK National Supercomputing Service

The ARCHER2 Service is a world class advanced computing resource for UK researchers. ARCHER2 is provided by UKRI, EPCC, Cray (an HPE company) and the University of Edinburgh.

ARCHER2 is due to commence operation in 2020, replacing the current service ARCHER. For more information on ARCHER, please visit the ARCHER web site.