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  • ARCHER2 Image and Video Competition 2020
    03 Sep 2020

    Share your images and videos to support excellence and promote the contribution of ARCHER and ARCHER2 to outstanding research. The winner of the competition will be awarded £250.

  • ARCHER2 – Build Timelapse
    29 Jul 2020

    On the 14th July 2020 the first four cabinets of ARCHER2 arrived at the ACF and over the following few days they were unpacked, moved into position, connected up and ultimately powered up ready to go.

  • ARCHER2 Build Intern log
    27 Jul 2020

    A full week on from the 4 Cab Archer2 installation (affectionately dubbed Mini-Archer2, due to only having 18% of the full Shasta system’s 5848 compute nodes), and life is beginning to quiet down again for the temporary Summer Team at the ACF.

  • ARCHER2 Build Final Day
    17 Jul 2020

    Final build day!

  • Day 4 of the ARCHER2 Build
    16 Jul 2020

    Day 4 and the vast majority of the work has been done, with the power commissioned and the management and storage systems configured and tested. As of last night, remote access was also enabled. As we near completion a number of our American colleagues have now left to return to the US, we wish them a safe journey home. We will see you again for the 23 cabinet build.

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ARCHER2 is the UK National Supercomputing Service

The ARCHER2 Service is a world class advanced computing resource for UK researchers. ARCHER2 is provided by UKRI, EPCC, Cray (an HPE company) and the University of Edinburgh.

ARCHER2 is due to commence operation in 2020, replacing the current service ARCHER. For more information on ARCHER, please visit the ARCHER web site.