The ARCHER2 CSE Service aims to engage and build a strong relationship with the HPC academic communities and the broader UK HPC community over the lifetime of the service to ensure that there is mutual trust, to deliver the most effective CSE Service that benefits and strengthens UK HPC, and to establish a wider understanding of the HPC landscape.

HPC Champions

Under ARCHER, EPCC set up the series of ARCHER Champions meetings, and we continue to take leading roles with UK HPC Champions. The Champions are experts based around the UK who are willing to offer their time to advise researchers on how they can get access to and make best use of HPC facilities, and to whom researchers can go for further advice and training. The Champions peer-support network allows members to contact other Champions across the UK and access their expertise as required.

As the ARCHER2 CSE service, we will continue to take a lead role and provide administrative and technical support for the group. This will ensure it continues to grow a UK-wide HPC support network and builds links between RSEs and the HPC academic community.

Information on UK HPC Champions can be found on the ARCHER web site