Current System Load - Full System

The plot below shows the status of nodes on the current ARCHER2 Full System service. A description of each of the status types is provided below the plot.


Note: the long running reservation visible in the plot corresponds to the short QoS which is used to support small, short jobs with fast turnaround time.

Service Alerts

The ARCHER2 documentation also covers some Known Issues which users may encounter when using the system.

Status Type Start End System User Impact Reason
Ongoing Issue 2021-12-31 10:00   ARCHER2 Full System: Downed nodes A number of nodes downed due to hardware issue, running jobs on downed nodes failed Hardware issue

Recent Service Alerts

Status Type Start End System User Impact Reason
Resolved Notice 2022-01-10 12:00 2022-01-10 12:00 ARCHER2 4-cabinet system Users can no longer use the 4-cabinet ARCHER2 system The ARCHER2 4-cabinet system was removed from service as planned
Resolved Issue 2022-01-09 10:00 2022-01-10 10:30 ARCHER2 full system, ARCHER2 4-cabinet system, SAFE Outgoing network access from ARCHER2 systems to external sites was not working. SAFE response was slow or degraded. DNS issue at datacentre

Service Alerts for previous periods

Previous service alerts

Maintenance Sessions

Quarter 1 2022 (1st January - 31st March 2022)

Status Type Start End System User Impact Reason
Planned: RFC0093 Partial : Login and Serial Nodes 2022-01-26 10:00 2022-01-26 12:00 ARCHER2 Login and Serial Nodes Users will be unable to connect to ARCHER2 and no jobs will run on the serial nodes. To attach the ARCHER2 /home filesystem to a new network at the Advanced Computing Facility

Maintenance Logs for previous periods

Previous maintenance logs

System Status mailings

If you would like to receive email notifications about system issues and outages, please subscribe to the System Status Notifications mailing list via SAFE