The reports below highlight some of the research carried out on ARCHER and ARCHER2 by the ARCHER2 CSE Team.

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Hybrid parallel programming with tasks

This technical report is an introduction to using a hybrid parallel programming model that combines MPI with OmpSs or OpenMP dependent tasks. This model allows both computation and communication to be expressed using a coarse-grained dataflow approach, which helps to remove most of the unnecessary ordering constraints and intranode synchronisation imposed by the more conventional approach of MPI with OpenMP parallel loops. The report describes the model, and how it is supported by an augmented MPI library which interoperates with the tasking runtimes. It also assesses some of the advantages and disadvantages of this style of parallel programming. 

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DoI: 10.5281/zenodo.7524540

HPC JEEP Job Efficiency and Energy Usage

HPC-JEEP: Energy Usage on ARCHER2 and the DiRAC COSMA HPC services

This report presents an analysis of the energy use by software and research communities on two large UK national HPC services: ARCHER2 (the UK national supercomputing service) and DiRAC COSMA (part of the DiRAC national HPC service). The work was done as part of the HPC-JEEP project funded as part of the UKRI Net Zero DRI Scoping Project.
Image credit : Net Zero Digital Research Infrastructure Scoping project

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DoI: 10.5281/zenodo.7137390