Periodic (monthly, quarterly and annual) reports will be published here in due course.

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For people wanting to get an overview of the ARCHER2 service, the Annual Reports and written Quarterly Reports are where you should begin.

User Survey Reports

The User Survey reports contain both the numerical satisfaction scores and the comments and suggestions received from users.

Annual Reports

Annual reports give a high-level overview of the highlights of the whole service in the reporting period.

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Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports include both a written report summarising work done in the quarter and a statistical report generated by the SAFE. If you want to get an overview of the service then the written reports are the place to start.

Quarterly reports cover the Service Provision (SP) and Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) parts of the service.



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Monthly Reports

The monthly statistical reports are generated automatically from the SAFE. Please follow the link below to access individual monthly reports.