Many of the graphical images used on this site were original entries to the ARCHER Image Competitions.


Simulating disk galaxies inside a cosmological volume

Dr. Weiguang Cui, IFA, University of Edinburgh


Interaction between bubbles and turbulence in pool boiling system

Linlin Fei and Kai H. Luo, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University College London


Bacterial cell envelope computational model in a drawing style.

Dr. Conrado Pedebos, School of Chemistry, University of Southampton


Store Glacier calving in response to melt undercutting

Dr Joe Todd, Geography & Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews


Turbulent structures and coolant mixing downstream of a single-row of cooling holes

Christopher Ellis, Loughborough University, Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


Turbulence-resolving simulations of a utility-scale offshore wind farm, highlighting the flow structures and turbulence of turbine wakes

Dr Georgios Deskos, Imperial College London


Passive scalar intensity slice extracted from a three-dimensional fluid flow field of a temporal jet

Dr Jean-Paul Mollicone, Imperial College London, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Non-continuum gas flow in tight sandstone

Dr Lianhua Zhu, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Strathclyde


Chiral molecules on a surface can be separated under the presence of an external oscillating field

Dr David Abbasi Perez, King’s College London, Department of Physics


Seismic Waves in the Ocean

Mr Benjamin Fernando, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

Editing of the above images for incorporation into page banners by Helen McFeely