ARCHER2 Image Competition 2021 winning image

The ARCHER2 Image competition is currently open for 2022.

Last years winning image was:

Acoustic field (yellow and blue) with overlapped velocity isosurface (red) obtained with a coupled LES-High order Acoustic coupled solver of an installed jet case

Dr Miguel Moratilla-Vega, Loughborough University/Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Department


The image reveals the interactions of jet turbulence and acoustic waves when the former is subject to a thin plate - a scenario often known as “installed” jets. High-frequency tones (yellow) as well as low-frequencies (blue) can be seen in the 3D rendering of the contour in the background. Jet turbulence is highlighted in red iso-surfaces in the foreground.

The aim of the research (partially supported by ARCHER eCSE12-20 project) is to develop a fast interface for a high-order acoustic solver, to couple with finite volume Navier-Stokes equations codes that are widely used in the UK Turbulence, Applied Aerodynamics and ARCHER communities. Using a high-order acoustic solver significantly widens the range of the sound spectrum captured further afield, hence is potentially a highly reliable approach that can be used not only for exploring flow/acoustics physics but as a predictive design tool for noise reduction.

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