ARCHER2 Image and Video Competition 2021 Results

Thank you to everyone who submitted images and videos to this year’s competition. The outstanding range of entries made judging a most enjoyable experience with so many great demonstrations of the important work being done using ARCHER2 .

We are pleased to announce the winners as follows:

Winning Image: Dr Miguel Moratilla-Vega, Loughborough University/Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Department with their image “Acoustic field (yellow and blue) with overlapped velocity isosurface (red) obtained with a coupled LES-High order Acoustic coupled solver of an installed jet case”.

Winning Video: Dr Panagiotis Tsoutsanis, Centre for Computational Engineering Sciences - Cranfield University with their video “Shock wave interaction with cavitation bubble”.

Winning Early Career Researcher entry and Overall Winner: Dr Mattia Almansi, Marine Systems Modelling - National Oceoanography Centre with their video “Sea surface temperature (colour) and ice concentration (grey shades) in the Greenland-Scotland Ridge region”.


A gallery of all the submitted images and videos is available to view at

Thanks to the entrants, judges and all involved in making the competition such a great success. We hope you will take a few moments to enjoy looking at the gallery.

ARCHER2 Image and Video competition 2021 results