Overview of the ARCHER2 Service Provision (SP) and Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) services

The ARCHER2 Service is a world class advanced computing resource for UK researchers. The Service is provided by UKRI, EPCC, Cray (an HPE company) and the University of Edinburgh.

EPCC will run the Service Provision (SP) and Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) services. The purpose of this tutorial is to give an overview of both these services, explaining how they will be run, how they differ from the current ARCHER SP and CSE services and how we aim to meet the needs of the user community.

The first of a series of tutorials, this tutorial will provide a high-level overview of the different functions in the service including the eCSE programme, the training programme, user support, outreach and in-depth support. Over the next few weeks further, more in-depth tutorials, will take place for each of these functions.

The tutorial will not cover the hardware of the ARCHER2 service, this will be covered by a tutorial on the 22nd April.