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Unit of allocation on ARCHER2

UKRI has finalised its proposals for the unit of allocation on ARCHER2. It is going to be called the ARCHER2 Compute Unit (CU) and in general 1 CU will be worth 1 ARCHER2 node hour. As part of this process we have also determined the conversion rates which will be used to transfer existing ARCHER allocations onto ARCHER2. These will be:

1.5156 kAU : 4.21 ARCHER node hour : 1 ARCHER2 node hour : 1 CU

In identifying these conversion rates UKRI has endeavoured to ensure that no user will be disadvantaged by the transfer of their allocation from ARCHER to ARCHER2.

More information on how we have reached these conversions and how they will be used during transition can be found in this document.

Further Resources:

EPCC has produced ARCHER2 documentation for the SAFE

Please contact the ARCHER2 Service Desk if you have any questions or concerns.

Data Migration Plan: ARCHER->ARCHER2

The current ARCHER service has three different filesystems available to ARCHER users:

/home filesystem - NFS filesystem

The ARCHER2 Systems Team will take a copy of the ARCHER /home filesystem to the ARCHER2 filesystem.

/work filesystem - High-performance, Lustre filesystem.

RDF filesystems - Resilient, long-term, GPFS data storage.

Further Resources:

EPCC has produced a Data Management Guide with advice on Data Transfer

EPCC delivered a webinar on Transferring Data from ARCHER at End of Service


Please contact the ARCHER2 Service Desk if you have any questions or concerns