Hello Archer2

It’s been a busy week at the Advanced Computing Facility (ACF) with the arrival of the remaining ARCHER2 cabinets. The long journey started from the HPE Cray factory in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (birthtown of Seymour Cray) before arriving in Prestwick airport. It took three separate journeys of four lorries to transport all of the cabinets to Edinburgh.

Working within the current social distancing guidelines, the HPE Cray team have spent the week unloading and installing the system. The progress has been remarkable and within just a few days the system is now in place and ready to move into the power on and configuration stage. The racks will need to be flushed before being used and we are awaiting the delivery of the flushing liquid in the next 24 hours. Work will continue over the weekend but in the meantime we wanted to give you a glimpse of the new ARCHER2 Service. #helloARCHER2

ARCHER2 two rows of racks in place

ARCHER2 three open cabinets

Connecting the cooling