ARCHER2 – 4 cabinets arrive

The first phase of ARCHER2 is in Edinburgh!

The 4 cabinet Shasta Mountain system, the first phase of the 23 cabinet system, has completed its journey from Chippewa Falls in Wisconsin, making its way from Prestwick airport to Edinburgh this morning.

Packed lorry, arial view and team briefing

The arrival of these large crates has, I admit, generated quite a lot of excitement here. Moving these specialist systems and getting the right people here to install them is a logistical challenge at the best of times, but with the necessary Covid-19 restrictions this has been considerably more challenging than usual. We are really grateful to our colleagues at Cray/HPE for all their planning and perseverance! It is a huge step forward to see these systems on site. You will be reassured to know that all necessary safety precautions have been taken to meet Covid-19 guidance and to keep everyone safe.

CDU moving, naked computers

The cabinets have been taken from the lorries to their position in the relevant machine room. Things should move rapidly over the next few days as the team from HPE/Cray work to get them up and running and handed over the ARCHER2 team.

CDU in place, cabinets all lined up

Related to this, the ARCHER2 Test and Development System (TDS) is operational in Wisconsin, with the ARCHER2 team accessing this remotely. This has allowed testing and preparation work to get underway with user documentation, training courses and user application code support.

Pictures supplied by Greg Muir