These situations are most likely to come about during one of the following scenarios:

  1. The retirement of project (usually one month after project end for projects of up to 12 months duration, two months for longer projects)
  2. A PI tidying up a project requesting the removal of user(s) no longer working on the project
  3. A user wishing his/her own account to be removed
  4. A failure by a user to respond to the annual request to verify their email address held in the SAFE

For each user account involved, assuming the relevant consent is given the next step can be summarised as one of the following actions

It will be possible to have the account re-activated up until the point we erase your personal data (as outlined above), after this time it will be necessary to re-apply.

A user’s right to use ARCHER2 is granted by a project. Our policy is to treat the account and associated data as the property of the PI as the owner of the project and its resources. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that any data they store on ARCHER2 or the RDFaaS is handled appropriately and to copy off anything that they wish to keep to an appropriate location.

A project manager can revoke your access accounts within their project at any time; locking, removing or re-owning the account as appropriate.

You may give up access to an account and return it to the control of the project at any time. When a project is due to end, the PI will receive notification of the closure of the project and its accounts one month (or two months for projects of greater than 12 months duration) before the accounts are closed and cleaned. This includes all data stored on ARCHER2 and RDFaaS.

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